CYNEFN (Kin∙evn)

Derived from the Welsh word Cynefin, the place where you feel you ought to live, where the nature feels right and welcoming. Where your soul feels at home.

Cynefn was born in a global pandemic, at a time of great uncertainty, political unrest and amidst a growing mental health and environmental crisis. Our mission is to welcome you home, to your personal Cynefn, or “Soul place” where you feel safe and comforted in your environment, home, and mind.

Our carefully curated collection of remastered antique illustrations, vintage protest posters, modern art prints, and textiles provide a quick and affordable way to express your identity, share your values and create your own Cynefn -  whether that be a cosy bedroom sanctuary, motivational home office, or creative and educational children’s playroom.

All of our products are curated and designed with love in South Wales and produced by our global network of trusted partners to meet our sustainability and quality guidelines.

Equality and transparency are particularly important to us at Cynefn, we embrace diversity and hope to grow an inclusive community where everyone feels at home. We donate a percentage of all profits to environmental charities and ocean clean-up projects. We will never sell or promote animal products.