Building Your Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a timeless feature any home and one which you can adapt to your own personal style. It can be a costly venture and take a while to build up your collection so we're here with our top tips to an art collection fit for Instagram!

We like a natural layout to our gallery walls so we're not going to give you a step by step plan-o-gram of your new collection, having said that there are a few tips to bear in mind to keep your artwork balanced and easy on the eye.

1. Measure out the space you want to fill on your wall and clear a space on the floor to trial your layout - you can do this with masking tape or children's art paper. Testing your layout first saves making unnecessary holes in the wall if you change your mind!

2. Choose your colour pallette. Try and stick to the same tone and colour intensity, this will tie your collection together.

3. Place your largest piece of art first - make sure it's off centre and build your collection around this. Place your second largest piece diagonally from your first

4. Mix and match your frames, choose different styles and colours. Combine framed art and posters for a more natural "arty feel"

5. Alternate the orientation of your prints, mix landscape and portrait with a selection of sizes to keep your eye moving around the space.

6. Try to leave at least 3 inches between each piece and don't be scared to leave more white space in some areas to balance your grid.

7. Add some personal touches - include a family photograph, birthday card or gig ticket and let your personality shine through!

8. Not everything has to be art! Why not try hanging up your favourite bag, a souvenir plate or handmade mobile to add more interest and create a talking point?

9. If you're renting, hang up pictures with command strips or utilise shelves or floor space to display your collection without risking your deposit.

10. If you don't have many pieces or much space start off small! You can create a beautiful collection with three pieces and add to it as you find more art you love, don't feel like you have to fill a whole wall at once!