Lockdown Art Club: Create Your Own Piece of Abstract Art

As children we're encouraged to try new things and explore our creative side, but as we get older it can become a daunting prospect - staring at a blank page with the expectation to create something "perfect" is enough to scare away anyone's artistic inner child.

As lockdown continues to loom large over us, with the prospect of summer holidays and festivals with friends seeming even further afar on the horizon, it's important to keep your mind active and take time out for some fun activities.

Yes, even if you don't have children it's time to schedule in a lockdown art class to help you unwind - don't worry, no zoom codes needed here, and why not create some on-trend artwork to update your gallery wall while you're at it?

Abstract line art (particularly faces) was a huge trend in 2020 and the beauty of this kind of art is, there are absolutely no rules! Perfection or any kind of true likeness is definitely not expected!

All you need to get started is a pencil, crayon, pen or paints and a piece of paper - whether you choose to use a notebook and pen or paints and the back of a large scrap of wallpaper roll, it's totally up to you.

Whether you spend 5 minutes doodling while you're on the phone or schedule it in as a family activity, the following exercise will help calm your mind, improve your skills of observation, focus and hand-eye coordination.

Perspective Fine Art Print

Continuous Line Drawing Exercise: Faces

Put the tip of your pen, pencil or paintbrush on the paper and don't lift it until your drawing is complete. Draw from a photograph, magazine feature, the person in front of you, or face a mirror for a fun self portrait.

Pay attention as you move your pencil from one feature to the next, do you add in a flourish, squiggle or draw a straight line from the lips to the nose? How much detail you include is entirely up to you.

Once you've drawn a few faces consider how your line has changed from the first drawing, is it bolder and more confident? Can you see a style developing? Experiment with different line weights to portray heavier, then lighter features.

Try filling a whole page with faces or creating a lockdown family portrait together, remember - there are no rights or wrongs in this exercise it's all about having fun and taking some time out to create some art!

What else can you draw like this? Try some new subjects once you've mastered faces, how about your pets, a bowl of fruit or even your car? The possibilities are endless and each new subject will give your brain a workout as you really pay attention to the different shapes which make up each object.

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